Pastichio Perfection

Pastitsio is always  to Greek food exactly what Lasagna is to cooking that is italian. This classic Greek meal creates a winter comfort meal that is excellent. Served having  a side of blended green green salad dressed with wine  vinegar and Greek extra virgin olive-oil, that is one food that is sure to please friends and family. An article  of Pastichio Excellence. Mouse Click to Enlarge Image.

Now, I am not saying within  the practice  of viewing much tv, especially  the daytime significant US circle programs. Nevertheless, these days, I happened to catch Rachel Ray making what she called “Greek Baked Ziti” which we Greeks know as Pastitsio [pronounced as pa-STEE-tsee-oh] as I was feeding my son his bottle. At  best, it had been entertaining to watch her imagine to understand  what she had been doing. Unfortuitously, within seconds it turned into sorely clear that she truly did not have a clue; and whenever her aggravation started initially to reveal, it was embarrassing to think that her market would walk off with this type of bastardized form of a timeless Greek food recipe planted within their heads.

So, in order to straighten Rachel out, I thought I would offer my mother’s recipe up for Pastitsio. I have been enjoying this dish as long it happens to be one of my all-time favourite Greek recipes as I can remember. There are three components in  the building of the well-known spaghetti casserole meal, and each must certanly  be attended to individually before combining them to attain  the product that is final.

The component that is first a ground meat sauce which is similar to one that Greeks often offer over macaroni as detailed during my past post: Macaroni, Makaronia, Makaronada, and Pasta… Similar, but not the exact same; one doesn’t add cinnamon or other aromatic spice to the beef sauce for Pastitsio. Exactly Why? Since it is overkill! Just  the leading level of Béchamel Sauce gets a tip of nutmeg which in turn permeates the casserole since  it bakes.