My Pastichio Straight Out Of The Oven

I’ve come across so-called Pastitsio recipes on other blogs which combine cinnamon and allspice in with all  the beef sauce, then they complete their muddle of flavours because of  the nutmeg that is requisite the Béchamel sauce!

My Pastichio directly out of  the range.  Click to Enlarge Image.

Subsequent, you need to use the pasta that is right. Several Greek labels  of what is referred to as “No. 2” macaroni shape are available  in Greece along with Greek specialty stores abroad (also in a number of associated with the much better stocked mainstream supermarkets). Nevertheless, you can use either one of two more widely available Italian pasta shapes which are similar to the Greek noodle, these are as follows if you do not happen to have a Greek market, deli, or bakery nearby, and simply cannot find the Greek pasta:
Buctani: A heavy Spaghetti style spaghetti which is empty through the middle, similar to a consuming straw. ( Of the  two Italian shapes noted  here, this one is the nearer approximation to your Greek number  2 spaghetti size).
Ziti: a bigger diameter long-cut and smooth surface empty (tubular) spaghetti form.
Although it is also possible to make use of Penne pasta because of this dish (my mother-in-law often really does) i favor sticking as near as you are able to into the classic composition in the interests of authenticity and ease of construction.

Finally, there is a Béchamel (for example. White) Sauce this is certainly poured overtop of the assembled casserole before it goes to  the range, and which types a top that is wonderful and minor crust towards the meal. For another classic béchamel-topped Greek casserole meal see my personal wonderful Moussaka dish.

We made use of a CorningWare 2.5-qt. Oval Casserole with no top to bake my personal Pastitsio. The degree  of baking recipe provides a good superimposed height into  the product that is finished. This dish is best consumed on the following day after its baking; simply refrigerate and heat well before cutting and serving as with many Greek recipes, and most especially with casseroles.