Pastichio Greek meat & macaroni pie

Pastitsio or Greek animal meat and macaroni pie, is a Greek dish including three components that are essential spaghetti, beef, along with  a béchamel sauce. The meal arrives through  the Italian practice of “pasticcio (di pasta)”, literally mess or scramble.

Brian and I also both really like Greek food and, if  we find ourselves in a Greek restaurant, we browse the menu with great interest. We mention this dish and that since delicious choices and make intends  to discuss options that are different. And then, we both order pastitsio. We love pastitsio! If you have never ever met with  the satisfaction, pastitsio is actually a lasagna-like dish with levels of noodles, spiced meat sauce and bechamel topping. It really doesn’t taste anything like common lasagna, however. Interesting and mystical herbs waft up from under  the creamy sauce and all you are able to want  to yourself is that this might be Greek convenience food.

Pastichio (Greek Lasagna) Following  the very first time we had it several years ago, I went home and began searching available  for recipes when I typically do with bistro dishes we like. But I acquired the effect the dish ended up being complicated to make, with unfamiliar steps and I determined it had been best left into the chefs that are professional our favorite Greek restaurants. But a week ago my personal friend Sherron at Merely fabulous posted her version  of Pastitsio and we began  to believe that perhaps it was not overly complex after all. She was compared by me meal to that of The Barefoot Contessa plus  the two were rather different. In the long run, I combined my personal favorite aspects of both to create my own small spin.

I surprised Brian along with it and he ended up being eager to enjoy in and find out how it set alongside the restaurant version. He tasted, had gotten a huge smile on their face and proceeded to wolf down nearly the tray that is whole. Undoubtedly blog worthy, he announced between bites, after which questioned whenever were having this once more. Appreciate!